Technical (and) sound design, foley recording, dialogue editing, audio mixing

Fmod – Wwise – Unity – Unreal Engine

Name: Glenn Gullskjegg Goa

Age: 32

Location: Norway -relocatable, also open for freelance work.

Software knowledge: Pro Tools, Reaper, Nuendo, Izotope RX, Audacity, Notepad ++, Unity, Unreal Engine

Audio engine knowledge: Fmod, Wwise, Fabric

Experience: 13 years in video (since 2007), 9 years in video games (since 2011)

Languages: English, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, and Japanese.

Hobbies: Blacksmithing, Mead brewing,  Viking reenactment.

Resume Download:


Ric Viers, Sound designer:

“A good filmmaker knows the value of great sound design. These filmmakers often see to it that the sound designer’s credit is listed where it belongs – on the front credits, with the rest of the designers and artistic leads in the film.”