About Glenn Gullskjegg Goa

Glenn Gullskjegg Goa (They/Them) is a seasoned sound designer with over a decade of experience in the audio industry. Their work spans across various mediums, including video games and film, and encompasses a wide range of audio-related tasks such as audio pre and post-production, audio implementations, audio bug testing, voice directing, voice acting, dialogue editing, sound mixing, audio programming, and mastering.

Glenn’s proficiency in tools like Wwise, Fmod, Unity, Unreal, Reaper, Pro Tools, Nuendo, Audacity, and Izotope RX, coupled with their skills in Foley artistry, dialogue editing, audio bug testing, voice acting and directing, sound mixing and mastering, music production, and XML, C# and LUA scripting, make them a versatile and valuable asset in any audio project.

Currently, Glenn is a Senior Sound Designer at Larian Studios in Gent, Belgium, where they have been working on AAA video games like Baldur’s Gate 3 and Divinity: Original Sin 2. Glenn’s contributions to these projects include sound design, foley, recordings, and implementations. They also have ownership over the audio direction of the Monk class and its sub-classes, as well as creatures, including all narrative bosses. Additionally, Glenn created and manages the internal audio library and mixed and mastered the games to console loudness standards.

In addition to their work at Larian Studios, Glenn is a freelance sound designer at GOA Soundwizardry, providing sound design, foley, sound editing, and field recordings for video game developers and movie studios. Their freelance work includes projects with Remedy Entertainment, CDProjekt Red, Sumo Digital, Hive Division, Skywalker Sound, FlyingWord, and Reset Studios.

Before joining Larian Studios, Glenn served as an Audio Director and Sound Designer at Frostburn Studios \ S2Games, where they worked on the live service AAA video game “Heroes of Newerth.”

Glenn holds a Bachelor of Arts in Audio Production from Full Sail University and has completed a course in Audio Engines and Implementations. They also interned at Skywalker Sound in San Francisco.

Glenn is a quick learner who thrives under pressure. They are proficient in scripting in Reaper and can program in C# as well as Java for small tasks. Glenn is fluent in English and Norwegian, and can converse in Japanese, Danish, and Swedish. They currently reside in Stavanger, Norway.

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